Wooden Carved Hand Painted Dhola Maru - Big Camel with Riders

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This is a perfect symbol of romantic tale of "Dhola" and "Maru" in Rajasthan. The Dhola Maru story is deeply rooted in folklore and oral traditions in desert region. This handcrafted piece is a piece of story when Maru is bitten by a snake and in sorrow Dhola decides to burn himself as 'male sati'. But he was save by some yogi who claimed that they could bring Maru back to life. They played their musical instruments and brought back Maru to life. Villain again tried to kill Dhola, but however they escaped from there riding back on the wonderful flying camel and the couple lived happily ever after. It is a perfect decor to start a conversation and talk about the infamous love story.
Made from Neem (Indian Lilac) wood .

45 " H

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